Participating bands 2024

Japan Ground Self-Defence Force Central Band

Our most distant guest. The music corps is one of Japan’s three professional military bands. This will be an incredibly exotic feature of the Småland highlands! Worthy and music of the highest class! (Read more).

The band of the Swedish Navy

One of three professional military music corps in Sweden. The music corps is stationed in the military town of Karlskrona and often visits the garrison town of Eksjö. Since 1680, the music corps has supplied first class music to both the civilian and military sectors. (Read more).

The Finnish Navy Band

The band are Stationed in Turku (Åbo) and are one of the professional music corps of the Finnish Armed Forces. The orchestra consists of 32 professional musicians and a conscript drum section. The music corps is subordinate to the Finnish naval command and usually offers a real show! (Read more).

Royal Band of the Belgian Navy

The Royal Band of the Belgian Navy is a professional corps. The music corps was founded in 1947, consists of 36 military musicians who perform frequently all over the world and is also one of the leading military orchestras in the world. Their repertoire is distinguished by many crossovers, from pop to jazz to regular big band repertoire. (Read more).

Helsingør Girl Guard

Danish youth music corps, consisting only of girls. The corps was founded in 1957 and has approximately 100 members in total. A beautiful and worthy representative of Elsinore and Denmark with a habit of performing all over the world. (Read more).

Home Guard Band of Eksjö

Eksjö International Tattoo’s own local orchestra has participated in all tattoos that have been carried out in Eksjö since the beginning. The corps is one of 25 home guard music corps in Sweden and regularly participates in military ceremonies both in Eksjö and in other places, including the high guard in Stockholm. The music corps annually provides the music at the guard parades in Eksjö. (Read more).

The Massed Band of Caberfeidh Pipes and Drums with White Rose Highland Dance Company

The Massed Band of Caberfieldh Pipes and Drums comes from Great Britain. With bagpipes and drums, they set the tattoo’s classic mark. In fancy uniforms and mammoth bagpipes, the band visits Eksjö for the first time. With them is the White Rose Highland Dance Company, who previously performed their traditional Scottish dance at Eksjö square.

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Drillteam from Wachbataillon Berlin

The drillsquad consists of soldiers and officers who offer weapons exercises of the highest class. Wachbataillon Berlin regularly participates in official state visits, military funerals and other military ceremonies. (Read more).

Niklas Asknergård (soloist)

Niklas is a Swedish musical artist. He has participated in a long series of musicals in Sweden as well as in London. On Swedish national Television we have seen him in, among other things, “Melodifestivalen” and “Allsång på Skansen”. (Read more).

Sofie Carme (compere)

On weekdays, Sofie works at the Swedish national radio. In 2022, she carried out the assignment as a conferencer as if she were one of the artists and in a very appreciated and professional way. We wonder ahead of 2024, has she practiced a new song on the noseflute? (Read more).