Our history

The Eksjö International Tattoo Association arranges the event at the request of the Eksjö Municipal Authority and in cooperation with the Swedish Armed Forces, the Eksjö Garrison and the Swedish Church. Thanks to the high quality shown by previous events, the Eksjö Tattoo was in 2017 elected as a member of IATO, the International Association of Tattoo Organisers, through which it can cooperate with other tattoos. The association is thus in good company with e,g, Edinburgh, Rotterdam and Halifax.

The Eksjö Tattoo was arranged for the first time in 1989, and the performance in 2014 was thus a double jubilee in that it was carried out for the 10th time 25 years after the first occasion. It is thus the oldest active Tattoo in Sweden, and this is not by chance. Eksjö is a modern military town, an enterprising Småland municipality and a vital event city, and the Tattoo brings together all these features.

Over the years, the Eksjö International Tattoo has been visited by musical corps from a long list of different countries. The band which travelled the greatest distance was The Derwent Concert and Marching Band from Tasmania which took part in 2001. Among others, bands from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Mexico, Austria, Turkey, Scotland, Belarus, Armenia, Poland, Holland, Germany have participated over the years.

Here is a list of previous participants.