Participating orchestras in 2024

On 25–27 July 2024, orchestras from all over the world will march onto the cobblestones of Eksjö. The event is now being held for the thirteenth time since 1989. The 2022 performances were a great success and have further strengthened the event. During 2024, we will be the only one in Sweden to offer an international Tattoo. The arena, which is located in the middle of the city, is surrounded by houses dating back to the 16th century and where the church, the city hotel and the proud equestrian statue form part of the scenery. Seven orchestras with a total of about 400 participants will perform. The quality of the performance will surpass all previous performances. The highlight of the performance is the finale where all the orchestras together perform some well-known pieces under the direction of the event’s musical director Robin Wahl.

Read more about the orchestras here.

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